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Author Topic: "What do you want Christmas" And no mention of teeth  (Read 2599 times)

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I would like the world to sort its self out and realize that we are not self sufficient and dependendent on Oil and that peace throughout can be achieved if only religion was kept out of politics and that people who steal children from parents whilst in a bar are hung drawn and quartered and the Americans finally admit that a Black President is on the way as TV has told them, and kids were banned from electronica and able to converse instead of kniving someone  then maybe 2009 could be a better...... What do you think??????????


Wow.......Sebastian is this you being sensible............... not sure what you are smokin............ but I'm sure I smoked plenty of it in my youth!!!

It's the dream that we've wished for since the 60's, there maybe hope for you yet.  keep this sort of string up and Dolly might just let you live!

Dolly please don't exterminate Sebastian yet, he might just have a decent bone in his body.


not smoking anything now as doctors say it is not good for me.....

so how is windy borris???? another one of them woman in the world of pseudonym's.

big words for one so young at heart