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Author Topic: Watch out there's a thief about!  (Read 3678 times)

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Watch out there's a thief about!
« on: October 30, 2012 »
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  • It’s that time of year again, it seems. Bands of Romanian and Bulgarian street thieves are descending on the islands in what the local press is describing as reminiscent of migrating animals across the Serengeti. They’ve spent the summer on the mainland and in the Balearic Islands, and are now heading to Tenerife. The main tourist areas in the south are their grazing territory, and their particular prey is the elderly tourist.

    The National Police in Playa de las Américas are ready for them, and might this time be arresting them on charges of organized crime rather than pickpocketing: as such they can be remanded in custody and removed from the streets on a first offence. There is no substitute for self protection, however, and police say that holidaymakers should be on guard everywhere, but particularly at the beach, in supermarkets, in bus queues, and especially in hotels. Be on guard.

    source Janet Anscombe


    Re: Watch out there's a thief about!
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  • Many thanks for the warning. 
    We came across a team of pick pockets at  the Sunday market in Los Cristianos  many years ago.  The police arrested them on the market but when we were waiting at the bus stop to travel back to Los Gigantes we found them in the queue. One of them who looked like thug stood to one side and we guessed that he was there to intervene if there was trouble. Our friend announced their presence to the queue and they all just walked away.   We wondered why the police hadn't detained them.

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    Re: Watch out there's a thief about!
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  •    We wondered why the police hadn't detained them.

    My guess is the Eastern European thieves had stolen the officers handcuffs !
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