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Author Topic: The making of a new primetime documentary for ITV  (Read 2617 times)

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I have received the following email from ITV requesting that I post it on

The British television company ITV are making a primetime documentary for ITV1, it is a new series concerning the many different problems owners of properties abroad experience. We are looking for stories from around the globe and would like to hear from anyone that has a story to tell about their home. Their experiences could range from problems with legal ownership, difficulty with builders, disruption caused by natural disasters or even spooky inexplicable happenings.
We would like to speak to people as soon as possible with a view to visiting and filming with them in the very near future. If you know of anyone or indeed have experienced problems yourself please get in touch at or call 0207 633 2716


I am sure Falsey & Teddybare and the other" Old Uns"will make it great viewing DD...........................................................NOT


well something spooky did happen to me one night , I found a wet patch in the wardrobe in the morning lady wags said i turned  left instead of right in the night for bathroom

but i beg to differ

do you think i t v will be interested in that?

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 sounds a great idea, would this be shown before or after wife swap and big brother, or would it simply be a stand on its on show in how to make someone look a right fool to provide cheap telly?

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Would anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have had any dealings with Andrew Baxton, trading as Canary Properties of San Juan, when purchasing property in any of the Canary Islands, please contact ami jackson at or by phone on 0207 633 2716.