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The Flag ?
« on: September 18, 2008 »
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  • Can anybody tell me about the flag that flies on the ridge high above the Royal Sun.

    What is it for, who maintains it, how is it reached?


    MR MAN

    Re: The Flag ?
    « Reply #1 on: September 19, 2008 »
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  • The flag was erected 15 years ago by a man called Pablo who wanted to ensure nobody tried to lay stake to this very important piece of land which he had eyed up for his future business of a spectacular animal reserve overlooking the majestic cliffs of los gigantes after much deliberation at the town hall planning permission was passed and Pablo began the very difficult procedure of importing rare and wild animals from all over the world.
    After 6 months Pablo had gathered one of the finest collections of wild beavers and 3 legged aardvarks ever seen on the canaries but disaster happened one misty morning and they all fell off the cliff and landed into the royal sun swimming pool, the aardvarks became 2 legged and i believe you can still see some round masca late in the evening the beavers lived quite happily in the pool for many years until the royal sun closed down and i believe they were repatriated to a nature reserve near wigan were they are still living today and Pablo lived the rest of his days racked with guilt over the whole affair and the final nail in the coffin was when the paperboy was delivering his Dario's de Avisos got a puncture and landed on colonial parks roof and Pablo left the white flag as a tool of surrender and nobody has been up there since the paperboy's family went to get there Son's bike pump back.

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    Re: The Flag ?
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  • BRILLIANT Mr Man ;D ;D ;D ;D

    big jo

    Re: The Flag ?
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  • Mr Man can you please help Chrissie Swift with her postings so they at least make sense or at the very least are entertaining Thanks.

    MR MAN

    Re: The Flag ?
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  • Mr man would like to help posters but unfortunately i have just had a serious accident at alcala petrol station involving my car. a flaming goat and the El mar bus, things have calmed down but i will never ask  the driver for a light again and unfortunately its very difficult to get a fire blanket around a nervous flaming goat on a Friday night when you've had a few drinks after tennis, tomorrows cabaret has been cancelled but we have an extra nightly special on, instead of the spit roasted chicken anybody fancy carne de cabra with a touch of diesel and to make it worth your while you can clean your your car between Mon and Thursday for only 1 euro, they threw this in when i asked for the complaint book.

    The PM

    Re: The Flag ?
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  • Mr Man what can I say you have a talent, perhaps you should give up training fire breathing goats, before flossy gets on you case wanting to see your trainers licence.
     ;) ;) ;) ;) ;D
    However  back to the serious stuff, The Flags. You will see them on a number of ridges over the island.  I have been told they have been put up by the parapenting flyers so they can see the wind direction on the ridge line, as due to the way wind flows around the island and barrancos you can have opposing wind directions in a very short distance. Ho hum, so that I believe is the answer, certainly not as entertaining as Mr Man?s explanation but if anyone has a different story, get in there.
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