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Take care out there
« on: September 25, 2007 »
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  • This post is aimed at local estate agent employees but may be of interest to those readers from elsewhere.

    Saw it on another message board and thought it important enough to post here.

    On Monday last (24 September 2007), a man approximately in his early 40s went into a Los Cristianos Estate Agency. Physical description: 5ft 8 ish tall, slight but athletic build, well tanned and well groomed. He claimed to have been born in mainland Spain (Barcelona), and that he had been here for a fortnight or so looking to buy a villa.

    He chatted in a relaxed and friendly manner for several hours with the female sales agent in the office, both while looking for properties to view, and while making appointments. He claimed to have just short of one million Euros to spend on a property, preferably empty and out of town. He emphasised the fact that he had travelled widely and that he was still single, never having met Miss Right.

    The sales agent felt slightly uncomfortable about viewing remote and empty properties alone with a strange man, so requested a male colleague to accompany them. The "client" didn't seem too happy with this, but really didn't have much choice. He claimed to love what he saw, and said he wanted to buy one of the properties. Back in the office, the female sales agent drew up a contract, but despite having several thousand Euros in cash with him, claimed not to have his DNI on him ... which would be very unusual indeed for a Spanish national.

    He left a mobile number and an address and promised to return in the morning with the full deposit and his DNI. Subsequent checks show that the mobile is not his, nor is the address.

    So far, this looks like a fantasist or straightforward liar. BUT information received today from a reliable source suggests that this man is extremely dangerous, and is known to prey on sales people, usually female, always trying to view properties out of town and empty.

    Please will any female estate agents out there take great care ... and anyone else in sales too, because we only have this information because of what has been tried on an estate agent. He may be trying the same thing, with a different script evidently, on other sales agents in other fields.

    If anyone has anything to report in this respect, please send me a PM, and I will know exactly where to forward it.