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« on: November 10, 2006 »
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  • I noticed in another thread that persons such as myself are referred to as "Swallows" by the LG residents. I did a quick tot up of my time spent in LG as a "Swallow" and was quite surprised to find that I had spent almost 2 years there in total. My, how time flies when you are having fun!  ;D
    As an aside, a friend has just received notice that in order to buy or sell her timeshare at El Marques she will need an NIE. I havent received any notice about this yet. Anyone know any more?


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  • Yes I have heard the same thing.. don't quote me but something to do with the fact that El Marques timeshare owners all have an escritura and it would appear that anyone with a Spanish Escritura needs a NIE number so unfortunately El Marques owners fall into this bracket. I am not sure if the situation has been clarified but best to ask at El Marques as I am sure they will be able to help