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Just as a matter of interest (and especially as the forum boards are deadly quiet at the moment) spare a thought for Professor William Hartston who, after a great deal of study, predicted the likely winner of the Grand National as Seabass.

He evidently revealed a formula to pick the winner based on data collected from the last 174 years and discovered that the winner was more than likely to have a one word name ! - furthermore the name was most likely to begin with either the letter S  R  M  or  C

The winning horses name is also more likely than not to contain either 8 or 10 letters and the horse will probably be 9 or 10 years old.

Adopting his special formula he came up with, yes, you've guessed it, the favourite Seabass - as it begins with "S", aged 10yrs and is a one word name and has 7 letters - nice and close to his formula predicted 8 letters.

Now lets just have a looksee and determine how close he was and to calculate how much money we would have won by following this professors prediction  :-

The winner of the National was of course Auroras Encore don't think that's a "one word" name neither does it start with a S or R or M or even a C.  The name contains not 8 or 10 letters but 13 letters and just to complete the pointless study the winning horse is actually 11years old and not 9 or 10 as predicted.

So now for the moment of truth - how much money would we have won if we had been following this Professors prediction ! - for a bet of 10 you would be collecting winnings of 0.00 or even 0.00 - giving this Professor the benefit of the doubt your winning would have been exactly the same even for an "each way" bet.

Wonder how the Professor feels now.

You may care to read the last page of the Tenerife Weekly issue 76

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Re: So much for the Professors prediction
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  •  :D  :D well said, I has Seabass too, or at least the bookies did lol