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Author Topic: Council Advice ...... take it or leave it  (Read 2242 times)

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I realise it might be a little late to be picking up on this but I have only just spotted Councillor Steve McKenna's well-meant advice, posted on April 9th in answer to Question 3 in Post Your Questions Here, to anybody daring to use the usually obscured pedestrian crossings in Tenerife.
He suggests "... when crossing one of these crossings in Tenerife always look right then left and cross with care
Oh yeah? I know Councillor Steve has lived here many years but how long does it take for him to notice that traffic here travels on the righthand side of the road?
His advice, of course, would be fine in Britain, where they drive on the left, but anybody following his advice here is likely to find himself being worn as a new mascot on the bonnet of a car.
Or could it be that Steve has devised a cunning plan to reduce the number of people who keep troubling him with problems he can't or won't solve in his capacity as a councillor?
My advice when crossing any road here is to reverse Britain's Green Cross Code injunction and Look Left, Look Right, and Left Again If we all did that Steve might continue to be pestered with all those annoying questions but he wouldn't notice a drastic falling-off of business at his dead chicken emporium.

PS - Or doesn't anybody, including the council, take any notice of what Steve says, anyway?