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Acne Research
« on: November 15, 2006 »
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  • December. 2005.
    Researchers at the School of Applied Sciences in Melbourne, Australia find that eating foods with a low glycemic index and high in protein lessened the severity of Acne Vulgaris in young males...
    December 19. 2004.
    Researchers at the University of Leeds and Nottingham find that benzoyl peroxide is as effective as oral antibiotics for acne treatment...
    July 30. 2004.
    Researchers crack the genetic code of the bacterium involved in acne...
    This may lead to new treatment that directly targets enzymes used by the bacterium to breakdown human skin...
    June 15. 2004.
    Researchers in the United States test N-Lite and pulsed dye laser treatments in acne...
    They concluded that the therapy had little impact on the 40 patients they tested... However, they do not rule out the fact that this therapy may help some individuals....


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  • dear breatney,

     ;D :o ??? :D :D :D ;D :D



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  • Speaking as a one time sufferer of acne, there is only one treatment for it and that is the passage of time. Just console yourself with the thought that one day your face will look just like Edward Bearquote s.

    If you have made it through the night Edward, have a very happy Birthday .

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    Re: Acne Research
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  • Thank you for the kind observation Falstaff. As I woke up this morning it will be a good day.