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The Harbour Club
« on: August 10, 2012 »
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  • Dear All,

    What an excellent place to chill out and wind down. It is one of our favourite bars in LG.

    Then on our first night after a few drinks we always go up to the Chinese restaurant for dinner.

    How quick their children have grown up over the last number of years.

    We have never tried the other chinese down the hill (I know it is sad talking about Chinese food in LG but sometimes you need a change from fish and steaks and all the other great resturants and food).

    Does anyone have a internet address or e-mail address please to stay in the apartments.

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    Re: The Harbour Club
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  • Pray tell us as to why you did not eat at the Harbour Club ?
    It happens to be one of the best restaurants in LG serving good wholesome food.


    Re: The Harbour Club
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  • Funny me mentioning Chinese.

    The food looks good and smells excellent at the Harbour Club but is mainly based around English food unless I am mistaken.

    And that is the last thing I wish to eat while being away.

    The beers and wine are good though and the ABBA act is excellent also.

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    Re: The Harbour Club
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  • but you are happy going to the chinese ??
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