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Author Topic: Tenerife Entertainment Awards 2011 - Traveller Blues Band  (Read 3190 times)

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The PM

Sorry first mail Had the wrong number this is now correct

Traveller Blues Band have been nominated for best Band 2011
We need Your Vote
Please Text "Traveller Blues Band"
+ 34 653 958 101
Private message the Oasis FM on Face Book with Traveller Blues Band


Last chance to vote today and the band out everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to let the world know, some of the best bands in Tenerife are on the West Coast!!


Thanks to everyone who voted for the band in the local TEA Awards in Tenerife...We placed 3rd...after two local Spanish bands...after just twelve months gigging and being around here...thats not bad going...and its through your support that we got niominated and recognized for these awards.....we place in front of all the other british bands thats some going ....Congrats to Sound Chaser...well deserved one of the best knwn and tightest bands Ive seen play here....right then wheres my Whiskey!