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« on: November 09, 2011 »
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  • What can i say i have just had a great weekend at Tajinaste Friday was the Folk night with the gaffers it was brilliant, the cod and chips in batter was fantastic and i even overheard one guy who is a top chef in the UK singing its praise's I'm there again this Friday for the new duo or trio Two Men Down with country and light rock as well as an Eagles tribute.

    Sunday was great as well with The Rock band The Phoenix for me they are the best band on the island, Toby what a voice, the PM on the keyboards is the on that does it for me, he's hot (Sorry DD) I've seen loads of bands in the uk and these guys are the best when it comes to rock. they are back there on the 20th Ill be there 3pm on don't miss it, that's all I can say

    love live music just want to know when Traveller are coming back to Tajinaste so i can see more great music, its just so good to know that there is real live music in this area.


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  • Tajinaste sounds like a really good place to go.
    Will i have to book in advance or just turn up on the evening?
    Another question is ??how do we get there???
    Thanks in advance for  your reply


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  • If you can persuade the folk club to swap the Fridays around, we can get the band back up there, but at the moment we are stuck.....
    Come on Mike, double up this month and give us a shuffle!!!

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    Re: Tajinaste - How to get there
    « Reply #3 on: November 13, 2011 »
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  • Click this link to our "What's on Locally" page

    Scroll to bottom of page for map and directions to Tajinaste (The Clubhouse)


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  • Brilliant night last night at Tajinaste, 60 plus people, standing room only, for the Folk Club, best Fish and Chips ever. Well done to all the staff. Super night.

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    Re: Tajinaste
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  • Agree Chrissy, the staff worked very hard.Cookie must have lost a stone !