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Author Topic: Sorry guys! - Chubby has been cancelled due to the fireworks...  (Read 1777 times)

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Hello everyone,
I know some people were looking forward to Chubby returning to the clubhouse, and some not due to his bad language we know we know.....
But after talking to many of the local bar owners and residents, its seems we would be very quiet due to the fireworks display that is held every year at this weekend. Not being a local to this end of the island, I have taken the advice and will reschedule him for later in the month or next...It would be interesting though if people didn't agree with this, to post and tell me, I myself think fireworks are very boring, and they remind of the cold nights spent at crappy fireworks displays in the UK, although tell a Lie I did spend 15k on them for my wedding but that's another story hahahaha..