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Author Topic: Restaurants on the marina, El Timon & Miranda's  (Read 2435 times)

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We're staying in Poblado Marinero and especially for our first night I wondered if any of the restaurants along the marina are any good, say La Terrazza or Taverna Santa Maria? We will be trying El Rincon, Jardin del Sol, La Pergola and Flor del Drago later on during our holiday as they sound very nice, to give you an idea of our tastes.

Can anyone please explain where El Timon and Miranda's are also please as I have seen these both recommended.


El Timon is virtually above La Pergola in the Mar Blanco Commercial Centre next to the Barcelo Santiago Hotel.
Miranda is in the main drag of the one way system in the village on the uphill stretch away from the Hotel Los Gigantes and Taxi Rank on your left hand side as you go up the hill - just past the Bamboo Bar.


Thanks grockle