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Hello all, been here for just over a week now so just thought I would let you know how I am getting on. So far have been to Steves chicken shack a couple of times usual fare, quite enjoyable apart from screaming kids playing 50 yards away on the second occasion On the first visit Steve thought we were Boris and Doris! ;). San Francisco down opposite Barcelo is still near the top of my list for food (been twice!).
Called in to El Marques to take in the last couple of hours of Lions Presidents night, ok entertainment and we had a laugh. The bar extension made a welcome change from the usual 12 o'clock curfew.
El marques do a very delicious Lamb shank one night every week as a special. A good 16 euros worth as part of a three course meal.
Notable entertainers so far this year have been Toby, seen at the Courtyard and also TJ?s. Old Dogs New Tricks still belting them out at Route 66 (a lot of recent new songs as well as old favourites), Los Tres Guitarras (also at Route 66) and the always present and cheerful Carlos at a variety of places!
Had some Tapas down at The Dolphin in the marina a couple of times and it was nice to meet Mr and Mrs KIpling ( the former owners) who just happened to be passing by having come over for a weeks visit.
For my English breakfast, having tried a few round and about, Scoobys in Vigilia Park has been best by far.
Green corner pub is really nicely redecorated throughout and the comfortable chairs made for a relaxing afternoon watching Lewis Hamilton win the Formula 1 at Silverstone.
Changes are afoot at TJ's, I am sure someone else will comment elsewhere if they have not already. The sound level for the entertainers is now set at such a critically low volume that its hardly worthwhile having an amplifier.
So many places still to visit and so little time!

t l c

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  • Screaming kids 50 yds away - heaven forbid !!!!!!!!!!! Shall we ban them, what about a curfew !!! or better still fit anti 'screaming' collars to them, like the anti-barking collars you get for dogs. Maybe they LIVE there in that very street and dare I say it are SAFE and happy to be PLAYING outside, unlike what is going on in the UK right now.


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  • Hey, I was only voicing my opinion about the shrieking kids. Point to note is that on that occasion the kids belonged to a couple of the diners. In the normal course of events children playing do not bother me in the least, but when they are playing tag and running betweeen the tables........ ::)


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  • we went to the highland paddy and had a good time, tj's is good the blond lady singing is very good, the harbour club was very good, best looking place in gigantes, the entertainment was great the saxman is very pro! and jamie rourke was amazing, all in all gigantes is a great place, a bit run down, but what can be expected in the economical climate? most people end up in las americas, there is more to do down there, but for a safety aspect we enjoyed los gigs the best, i notice you still get the complainers, why they even go anywhere is beyond me! i will be back soon i hope, and it will be los gigantes all the way!
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