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Lighting in the Marina
« on: July 04, 2007 »
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  • Just informed yesterday by Max, that the lighting should be on in the Marina if not by the end of this week, then definately by the start of next week..... 6 months to 'b4flick a switch'b4 takes the Ma'f1ana ma'f1ana attitude to an extreme!

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    Re: Lighting in the Marina
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  • I actually managed to get out of the office for a whole day on Saturday to go down to the marina for a couple of dives.  A welcome change.

    Pontoon 4 lookes really nice, completely finished, or so I thought until I got a closer look to find the finger pontoons are not fully connected yet, hope no swell builds up.

    Asking around no one knows when it will be finished.  No sign of any work in the last month, and when the other pontoons will be replaced no one could answer the question!