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just returned !
« on: January 02, 2007 »
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  • Just got back last night from a fantastic 2 weeks break at the El Marques Palace.The weather has been superb and my family are very sad to be back in a very wet and cold england !
    I will miss my usual few beers in Bar Central before going out for the night.With regard restaurants , I highly recommend Fettucine Inn.We went there on Xmas Day and New Years eve and the usual menu and prices were in operation,with good fod and friendly service what more could you ask?We had  really good meals at El Pescador and El Pozo,we tried Gran Reserve(ex Sinartras)which we thought was nearly back to a few years ago !We called in the Chip Shop next to El Meson one night and had the worst meal and service that I have ever had,couldn't wait to get out !!
    Finally our El MAR trancfer was excellant ,considering we gave them 2 date changes and 3 accomodation changes,they still arrived on time!


    Re: just returned !
    « Reply #1 on: January 04, 2007 »
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  • Stevey,

    We are toying with the idea of staying at Marques Palace - would you recommend it?

    Any particularly good or bad points would be appreciated.



    Re: just returned !
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  • We have stayed at many places over the years in los gigantes but always prefer giong to El marques palace.The standard of accom is first class,1/2/3 bed options,secure,great location and views.We have already booked again there for later this year.The only down side is at certain times you can get lots of Russians in there,and they certainly keep themselves to each others company.The only other negative is the pool bar closes early around 6pm,so we all usually congregate over the road at Bar Central before going out.what time of year are you going out ?


    Re: just returned !
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  • Hi Stevey

    We've not booked any time off, as we can go virtually anytime - we've got 2 lads (7 & 9) and will take them out of school to avoid being stung on the fligts.

    We've been going to Tenerife every 2-3 years for the last 10 years (This will be our 9 year old's 5th visit to Tenerife) and only discovered Los Gig. 2 trips ago. We last went in Easter 2005 and stopped at Harbour Club, which although was okay, we wouldn't go back (the pool was under repair for 12 of the 14 days & I'm convinced the barman nicked my sunglasses when I was half cut!).

    Whilst stopping at H.C., we always ventured left into Los Gig at night and right into Santiago during the day. Particularly remember the Bamboo Bar for a couple of late afternoon drinks, and Sinatra's and Krishna's for good food. We also had a good night just off the square at a place run by a family from Leicester (Leicester City shirts and scarves on the wall).

    It seems quite easy to get a 2 bed apartment through RCI points most of the year, so we thought about giving it a try.

    I gather that El Marques is 2 resorts in one - 1 Gold Crown and 1 RDI - I gather the rooms are superior in the Palace part.


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    Re: just returned !
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  • El Marques Palace and El Marques are two totally different resorts. El Marques Palace has just been taken over by a Russian company. If you are an RCI member you can get bonus weeks to stay there. El Marques Palace is lovely but it hasn't got the atmosphere as El Marques.
    Be aware - i noticed this xmas the prices have gone up tremendously in LG!

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    Re: just returned !
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  • I've stayed at both and would recomend both but the big plus as far as I am concerned is that there is air conditioning in El Marques palace