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Good food nice place
« on: February 17, 2007 »
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  • Just back from my 50th bash in Los Gigantes.  As usual had a great time at Las Rosas.  Ate out at Chicken Shack (our usual just off the plane and can't make up our minds where to go night but enjoyable anyway, especially the red wine.  Good luck Steve in the local elections).  The recommendation for Casa Pedro was spot on.  What a lovely waiter ?owner.  Wouldn't let us order a main course until we had had our tapas to make sure we could manage our main course.  Disappointed with El Mason, food good, same patter, have they gotten too big?  I think I preferred it when it was a small restuarant.
    Walked up to view point cafe (don't know name) for lunch.  Lovely view but surly waitress but well worth the walk.
    Lots of building work going on and I hope Los Gigantes and surrounding areas are not going to lose their charm.
    See you next year. ;D

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    Re: Good food nice place
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  • so el meson has got bigger?pity :)

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    Re: Good food nice place
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  • Hi aninginaneana! I most probably will be sitting on your seat at the bar in Las Rosas in a couple of weeks time! Glad you enjoyed Casa Pedro, we think its great too. Sorry to hear about El MESON being bigger. I think it will take away the whole atmosphere of the place. Hope you kept my seat warm in the Bar Central!