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Folk Club at Tajinaste
« on: January 10, 2009 »
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  • Well what a fabulous night we all had last night at Tajinaste with the entertainment of the Folk Club (or Music for Folk as they now call themselves, I think) Mike Stone the originator of the Folk Club quite a few years ago now is here on holiday and boy Oh boy was he good last night. I havent laughed so much in ages, his songs are so funny (although there was a bit of serious stuff too)and he is a true performer. Paul and Christopher were as good as they always are and all those that took part (Dodie, Don, Pat, Kevin, Judy, Sheila and a new quitarist Roland all made the night a real night of entertainment. Where in the world can you get such a fun filled evening and for free. Also there are no backing tracks, it is just them and their guitars.Thanks to you all (which includes mine host, Jordie Fred, the Chefs and our Jim the barman who ensures we all have plenty to drink. With all that is going on in this world today, it was a great pleasure to just laugh and have pure fun. Cant wait for the next one in two weeks time.


    Re: Folk Club at Tajinaste
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  • Really glad for Fred and Glynis that Tajinaste is working for them :) She is a good cook, Fred is a great bloke, and with Jim the barman they make a good team(not forgetting Sue who pitches in where necessary!!)

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    Re: Folk Club at Tajinaste
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  • Mike Stone, Billy Mac and Chris Brown were the original ?Strugglers?, with Paul Marley stepping in for a few numbers.  Mike left Tenerife to live in the UK again and Paul then became a regular member of the group.  Billy Mac then left.  Many jokingly called Chris and Paul ?The Stragglers?, the ones left behind, and the name stuck. Over the ensuing months many venues were tried, but none worked as this is for the most part an all acoustic night, finally Tajinasti was tried, and this venue worked, now under the management of Glyinis and Fred, the bar and folk night is going from strength to strength.

    It?s called a Folk Night but you?ll hear a variation of folk, county, humour and a few lively songs from the 60?s, guest musicians and singers are also welcome.
    Mike is here on holiday for 3 weeks so it was great to see all 3 together again, and yes those humorous songs from Mike had me creased up laughing too and there a few more up his sleeve for their next gig.

    The ?Stragglers? play every other Friday at Tajinaste, next gig is 23rd Feb (Mike included), then on Fri 30th (not the usual scheduled week) there will be a Mike Stone special evening.

    The bar also has great entertainment with Live Rock Group ?It?s Immaterial? every other Sunday and on the alternative Sunday an old Favourite Country Dave and friends provide another entertaining evening.
    In the next day or so the details will all be added to ?what?s on locally?


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  • It's great to hear about Fred & Glynis at Tajinaste, We are really pleased to hear things are working out for them, They gave us a great surprise party when we were over in October to renew our wedding vows. Hello to everyone who helped & joined us on the day. Good Luck & a Happy 2009 to everyone, Please pass on our best wishes to Fred & Glynis. from Jean & Laurie