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A date for music lovers
« on: March 20, 2007 »
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  • You've got to get down to the Underground at Tajinaste.

    Real live music with Underground - plus guest artists.
    If you like live music then make sure youquote re at the Tajinaste, La Caldera, on Sunday the 25th of March. A number of groups and acts will be playing at the fabulous bar and restaurant, with star turn lquote Undergroundquote  bringing their inimitable style to the occasion.
    The four gentlemen who make up the group have combined their various talents to create what could be called a lquote Rock band with acoustic touchesquote . They play a variety of cover versions from bands such as Pink Floyd, the Eagles, Tom Petty and REM but also have a wide repertoire of original music as well. The four; Kevin, Ray, Paul and Carlos only got together last year, but they all have considerable experience in their own right and their set is professional, heartfelt and fun.
    Kevin, from Middlesex, has been playing drums and guitar for more than 20 years and is also a very talented singer-songwriter. Paul, from Sunderland, has played bass for 10 years, loves to sing and has taken to his new role on rhythm guitar like a pro. Ray, from Nottingham, has being playing bass since the mid 1970s and has performed with various bands and tribute acts. Carlos, the baby of the group so to speak, is originally from Argentina though has spent most of his life in Tenerife. He has a classical background and for many years violin was his principal instrument, though he now plays mainly lead guitar.
    Live music can sometimes be hard to come by in the southwest of Tenerife and therefore an event such as this is not to be missed.
    The concert will take place between 3pm and 7pm.

    Courtesy of X. Fox

    The Tajinaste restaurant is near the small village of La Caldera on the Tamaimo road.

    How to get there:-  From Los Gigantes Police/Fire station follow up the hill on the Tamaimo road for aprox 1km.  Turn right into the village of La Caldera (there is no sign post) go past the laundry and turn left after the little church.  Follow the very narrow road until you come to a fork in the road (aprox 1km). Fork right.  Here you will see a small car park and the restaurant.