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Author Topic: 99 Cadbury Flake Italian ice cream Cones at The Oasis  (Read 3892 times)

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Just visited today the great place called The Oasis in Los Gigantes, with its swimming pool, fantastic views and excellent staff.

What a surprise today where they have just installed the first ice cream machine to do cones, in vanilla or chocolate or a mixture of the two flavors, along with an original Cadbury Flake to go with it. Damn nice as well. Well done Olivia, just what Los Gigantes needed. Be back for another one tomorrow.


My son will be delighted to hear this - he's an icecream and chocolate fiend.  We're out on 17th August and we go to the Oasis most days - love it there.  Thanks for the tip!!


They also have one of these machines at the Oro bar in the arcade up the hill in Santiago. Opposite the paper shop at the end of the arcade. They have all the trimmings too, choc sauce etc.,


Just when i thought the Oasis couldn't get any better!  :D Out on the 16th - can't wait!!  :D


The best ice creams are opposite the Poblado Marinero apartments in the lido complex - coconut ice cream

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What about the Italian icecream place (opp the beach in Playa Arena) these are all made on the premises in the big icecream vats which you can see from the counter, it's not open all year round only a few months, they have some really unusual flavours. We all love a Mr Whippy style 99 !! but be a bit more adventurous than coconut (last post) !!


Never been there but will try it on your recommendation - there is nothing wrong with cocunut ice cream - it is very exotic

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What about the Italian icecream place (opp the beach in Playa Arena)

Yes agree - this little ice cream shop is always a must visit during the summer months only - (the owner closes up shop in the winter and has a holiday for 6 months in Italy I guess)  Makes a nice refreshing stop off when having an evening stroll from LG to Arena

Great choice of flavours both ice cream and sorbet.  Noticed his prices have crept up a little but my annoyance is with the paper/plastic tubs he uses - they have a "false bottom" insofar that the base is actually further up inside the tub than first meets the eye.  Suppose a cornet might be better as you can eat the container !!  ;)
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Yes have it in a cornet I agree. I know what you mean about those little containers !! and to make coconut ice-cream more exotic add some pineapple chunks :) - oooo and a dash of malibu xx