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Whale and dolphin trips aboard the Nashira Uno and the Gladiator U
Big Game fishing aboard the Punta Umbria

There are 2 offices. One office is situated on the marina by the entrance barrier, opening hours are 09:30 till 19:00 Our other office is situated in Edificio Florencia on the main road through Los Gigantes opposite the supermarket, opening hours are 09:30 till 13:00.

Tel (0034) 922 861 918
FAX (0034) 922 860 726

The Whales and Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins at Los Gigantes TenerifeThe clear Atlantic waters around the Los Gigantes region are famous worldwide, amongst marine biologists, as they serve either as a permanent home, or as a temporary feeding ground, for an astounding array of Whale and Dolphin species. The trips offered by both the Nashira Uno and the Gladiator U allow visitors to observe these gentle giants of the deep. The most common species encountered are the Bottlenose Dolphin and the Long Finned Pilot Whale. The dolphins, with their permanent grin and playful antics, thrill passengers as they ride the bow waves of the boats at a distance almost close enough to touch.

Pilot Whales at Los Gigantes TenerifeOffering an ideally suited feeding ground and many miles of open ocean the waters around the Los Gigantes area have been "adopted" by a Pod of resident Bottlenose Dolphins that put in almost daily appearances to the passengers of the boats. Away from the accelerated pace of the Dolphins the Pilot Whales can often be encountered as they lie almost motionless at the water´s surface. Again a pod of these larger cetaceans have chosen the Los Gigantes region as their permanent home. The Pilot Whale pod can be stretched out over many miles of ocean with the larger males acting as guardians at the pod extremities. The animals most often encountered are those that make up the nursery groups that incorporate mothers with their young and adolescent females that take turns in "babysitting" the younger animals. The pod stay in contact with each other via an extensive and complicated sonar communication system that is made up of click´s, whistles and high pitched squeals.

Dolphins at Los Gigantes TenerifeApart from the Bottlenose Dolphins of the area visitors are often treated to an impressive aerial display provided by the regularly encountered groups of Spotted Dolphins. These smaller animals, in comparison to the Bottlenose Dolphin, move with lightning speed and are prone to providing onlookers to an impressive display of aerial leaps. Wonderful photographic models these animals provide passengers the opportunity to take some fantastic holiday snaps or video footage. On a par with the Spotted Dolphin, for their aerial acrobatics, are the Common Dolphin´s, with a lateral yellow marking on each flank they are easily identified during their displays.

Pilot Whales at Los Gigantes TenerifeFrom time to time an inquisitive calf will approach the boat in order to get a closer look at the passengers. These moments of interaction allow passengers to witness, first hand, the beauty and simplicity of these incredible creatures. When feeling in a particularly playful mood it has been known for the younger animals to approach the boat and almost lift their body out of the water for a closer look at the passengers, much to the delight of the on-lookers. Throughout the course of the year many other species are encountered in these water´s. Part of the excitement of the trips is that it is never known what the passengers will see. It is almost impossible to 100% guarantee sightings of any of the 27 differing cetacean species that either reside in or temporarily use the water´s of Los Gigantes as a "Pit-Stop" before continuing their individual journeys to destinations worldwide. However, due to the importance of these waters as breeding and feeding grounds, visitors to the area have, at differing times of the year, encountered species such as Sperm Whales, Blue Whales, Fin Whales, Right Whales, Minke Whales and the hugely rare Blainvilles Toothed Whale. So far as Dolphin species encountered by visitors these include Striped Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, Risso´s Dolphin, Rough Toothed Dolphins and of course the resident Bottlenose Dolphins.

The Nashira Uno - whale & dolphin trips

Nashira Uno Boat Trips Los Gigantes TenerifeThe Nashira Uno is a custom built motor catamaran. Built in 1995 she is 14 metres long and 5 metres in the beam. The design of the vessel is such that it reduces the possibility of sea-sickness therefore allowing those with weaker "sea legs" to join in on the excursions.

She has a sun deck as well as a lower shaded deck and also has two glass bottomed panels that allow the guests to marvel at the amount of marine life. Nashira is also available for private hire.

Departure times: 11:00 Pilot Whale and Dolphin safari 3 hrs 14:00 Dolphin Cruise 2 hrs 16:00 Coastal Cruise 1 hr 11:00 and 14:00 lunch and drink inc

The Gladiator U - whale & dolphin trips

Gladiator U Boat Trips Los Gigantes TenerifeThe Gladiator is fast and provides a thrilling trip to see the whales and dolphins. Her speed makes it possible to see the whales at much greater distances than many of the other boats. She was built in 2005 is 12 metres long and has a beam of 3.5 metres is powered by 2 315HP Yanmar diesel engines.

Gladiator is very stable for a mono hull vessel thanks to her 4 hydro dynamic stabilizers. Her stability means that even non sea farers find this boat a pleasure. If the sun gets too much then you can slip under the sun shade to cool off. Gladiator is also available for private hire.

Departs Los Gigantes Marina at 11:00 and 13:00 for a 2hr trip. Snacks and drinks are provided. Then at 16:00 and 17:00 there is a 1hr cruise, drinks provided.

Punta Umbria - big game and deep sea fishing trips

Punta Umbria Big game and deep sea fishing Boat Trips Los Gigantes TenerifeThe Punta umbria V is a classic sport fishing yacht she is 13mtrs long and has a beam of 4´20mts.

Departs every day at 09:30 for 3,4, or 7 hours. All bait and equipment are supplied. She is a very comfortable boat for private hire to enjoy a special day with the family.

The crew of local professional fishermen will ensure the best fishing available, Yellow fin tuna, bonito, blue marlin, wahoo and dorado, are some of the types of fish that can often be caught.

Masca Walk

Masca walk Boat Trips Los Gigantes TenerifeAfter completing the breathtaking Masca walk you can return to Los Gigantes on either the Nashira Uno or the Gladiator U (Advanced booking is essential due to changeable weather conditions) Los Gigantes - Masca 09:30. Masca - Los Gigantes 13:30, 15:30, 16:30